Ethics & Integrity

jvid视频鈥檚 Board of Directors and leadership team lead with principle and integrity and expect each of the Liberty companies to do the same. This means aligning their business strategies with the long-term interests of all their stakeholders, including customers, employees, regulators, and the general public.

Integrity comes through the products and services the Liberty businesses provide, as well as how we provide them. We focus on thoughtful risk oversight and ethical business practices, including extensive data security and privacy protection, robust anti-corruption and anti-bribery policies, responsible and inclusive product offerings, disciplined management of competitive behavior, and prudent financial management practices.

Ethics & Integrity in Action

Liberty Group - Sirius Logo

SiriusXM is committed to providing listeners access to diverse programming that represents a wide range of backgrounds, lifestyles, opinions and viewpoints.

Project Amplify

Project Amplify identifies and elevates original programming from diverse viewpoints and targets historically underserved audiences. The program provides a national platform to new voices and connects millions of subscribers with new opportunities to discover diverse content. The program, which launched in 2008 in connection with the merger of Sirius and XM and was previously known as the Qualified Entity Program, continues to play an important role in reaching new audiences, connecting with fans, and providing the soundtrack to our days.

Commitment to Public Safety

For nearly two decades SiriusXM has been helping FEMA and other federal, state and local officials to provide critical public services in emergencies and natural disasters. From volunteering to help following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, to making The Weather Channel free to all via satellite radios during domestic weather disasters, including Hurricanes Florence, Harvey and Irma, there鈥檚 a reason SiriusXM has been recognized by FEMA as a 鈥淰alued Partner.鈥

Formula One Group Logo

Formula 1 is committed to doing business in an ethical manner. Its Anti-Bribery Principles reflect the behaviors and principles required to support this commitment, and F1 requires that all third parties with whom F1 does business agree to act in accordance with those principles at all times.

The Broader
Liberty Family of Companies

jvid视频 has overlapping management with Atlanta Braves Holdings, Inc., Qurate Retail, Inc., Liberty Broadband Corporation, and Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc. Through these relationships, sharing best practices and learnings, and leveraging our collective scale, we 鈥 and they 鈥 can further advance our respective sustainability and stewardship missions.

Qurate Retail Logo

Qurate Retail Group has set rigorous standards around business ethics, product sourcing, and quality鈥攆or itself and its partners鈥攁nd has elevated training and oversight to further enhance compliance, and enable it to provide products that its customers, vendors, and team members can feel good about. The company鈥檚 program is built around proactive, regular audits of all factories for proprietary products and most factories for vendor products, covering issues such as forced labor, human trafficking, child labor, workers鈥 rights and worker safety. The company鈥檚 cross-functional Critical Products Committee maintains product standards based on consumer, market and regulatory trends, and the Global Quality Assurance team deploys industry-standard practices across markets to ensure the delivery of high-quality products.

GCI Logo

GCI is the most comprehensive communications network in the state of Alaska, providing superior telecom services, even to the most remote regions as it connects health corporations, school districts, Alaska Native organizations, and other vital entities in rural Alaska. The infrastructure required to maintain this connectivity is unlike anywhere else in the U.S., and GCI employs nearly 50 rural-based tower climbers and nearly 200 remote village agents and technicians to service the communities they live in and know best. GCI鈥檚 Aleutians Fiber Project epitomizes GCI鈥檚 commitment to bridging the digital divide and bringing digital equity to some of the most remote communities in the nation.

Charter Communications Logo

Liberty supports Charter Communications in its commitment to protecting its customers鈥 privacy. This includes not only Charter鈥檚 robust set of privacy policies, security and privacy governance, and regular evaluation and audit of its cybersecurity programs, but also its privacy customer offerings, such as its Advanced Home WiFi platform, which provides customers with detailed visibility and control over connected devices on their home networks.

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